I watched "GRAVITY" early in the morning.


My father and some friends recommended to watch this movie; however, I hesitated to because I could not belive it was interesting. Before I watched, I thought it described only the trouble in universe.

Nevertheless, I realized the words that the people around me said was true.

The characters in this movie were virtually 2 people, and there was one character since the second half. I was surprised how interesting this movie was even though there were a few characters.

One of the highlights in it was long takes. A director of this movie was Alfonso Cuaron. It is said his favorite technipue is long takes. Actually, one of the biggest reasons why l intended to watch "GRAVITY" was he made it.

A few weeks ago, I watched "Great Expectations(1998)." It was more impressed than I expected although I knew the story. This movie was a little different from the original, but I became to love it. I noticed Alfonso Cuaron at that time; moreover, I could not but admire him. It became my favorite movie.

Then, I thought "GRAVITY" was certainly fascinating, and I desided to watch it.

Oh, I forget to say that he made "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." If you develop interests in "GRAVITY," Alfonso Cuaron, and his work, I'll be happy with watching it.